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Why public adjusting?

Public adjusting companies serve policyholders like you, not insurance companies. This enables you to get a professional opinion that's not framed by the insurance company's perspective (a perspective that most likely favors limiting its losses). Studies have shown that policyholders who use public adjusters receive much higher settlements than those who don't. In addition to the dollars and cents of public adjusting, when you use a public insurance adjuster to file a south Texas insurance claim, the public adjuster handles everything. Whether you find the process daunting or live out of state, having a public adjuster take over brings peace of mind and the potential for a much larger insurance settlement.

What is the difference between public adjusting and insurance company adjusting?

Public adjusting focuses on the needs and interests of policyholders while insurance company adjusting is performed to help the insurance company determine the value and legitimacy of the policyholder's claim. While your insurance company is obligated to uphold its end of the bargain, it's not obligated to find all of your losses. That's your job as the insured. Thus, unless you specifically claim losses, your insurance company's adjuster isn't necessarily going to go out of the way to see if additional losses might exist. With public adjusting, your public adjuster seeks out everything that can possibly be claimed.

At which point can I get help from a public adjuster?

Public insurance adjusters can get involved at virtually any point in the claims process including after the fact. 

What if the insurance company disagrees with your assessment?

Disagreements do occur, and they go both ways. Sometimes insurance companies dispute our findings while other times we dispute theirs. These disagreements are often resolved quickly with documentation or expert opinions. Should a disagreement prove difficult to resolve, impartial appraisers may be brought in to resolve the problem.

Why can't I just submit my own insurance claim?

Of course you can submit your own insurance claim. Many policyholders do so all the time. For small, straightforward claims, this can be a simple matter of a phone call and a few signatures. However, for large, complex property damage claims, the process can be daunting and unfavorable to policyholders. It costs nothing to meet with a public adjuster to see if public adjusting is the right choice for your claim. Meanwhile, the potential for fewer hassles and a larger settlement is high. Contact us today to learn more.