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Benefits of Public Adjusting

Is public adjusting the right choice for your Brownsville, South Padre Island, Harlingen, South Texas, Laredo, Rio Grande City, El Paso, or Corpus Christie insurance claim? It could be. Public adjusting is beneficial to Texas policyholders as YOUR interests are looked after - not the insurance company's. Below are just a few of the many benefits of public adjusting:

  • Higher insurance settlements - A study by Florida's Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability found significantly higher insurance settlements (increases as high as 574 percent and 747 percent for hurricane claims) for policyholders who used public adjusting compared to those who didn't.
  • Fewer hassles - Since the public adjuster takes over, you do not need to worry about filling out claims forms, meeting with contractors to get estimates, or dealing with any of the routine business of filing an insurance claim.
  • Accurate estimates - Public adjusters use loss estimating software, local (Brownsville, South Padre Island, Harlingen, South Texas, Laredo, Rio Grande City, El Paso, and Corpus Christie) building costs to accurately assess the value of your damaged possessions and property. 
  • Complete documentation - Public adjusters document all aspects of your loss, ensuring that your insurance claim is supported with photos, videos, diagrams, reports, and other documentation.
  • Access to experts - Public adjusters call on storm experts, structural engineers, forensic engineers, meteorologists, and other experts as needed. 
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment - Public adjusters are interested in finding ALL property damage including hidden damage that may not manifest for years. To this end, they often use high tech equipment such as thermal imaging cameras to locate damage.  
  • No upfront fees - Perhaps best of all, the Texas public adjusting industry is regulated by the state's Department of Insurance which prohibits public adjusters from charging upfront fees. It costs you nothing to explore your options. Should your public adjuster obtain a settlement, only then will a payment (which comes out of the settlement itself) be required.


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