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Public Adjusting Services

We offer a variety of public adjusting services throughout Brownsville, South Padre Island, Harlingen, McAllen, Laredo, Rio Grande City, El Paso, Corpus Christie, and other South Texas communities. Understanding that each Texas property insurance claim is different with its own unique damages and losses, our public adjusting services are tailored to your specific needs. 

In general, our licensed public adjusters provide the following public adjusting services:

  • Free consultations - The public adjusting industry is regulated by each state's department of insurance. In Texas, public adjusters are only paid a percentage out of the final settlement (if a settlement is reached). This means you will not be charged any fees in advance. We offer a free, no obligation consultation to get acquainted, answer any questions you may have about public adjusting, and determine if your south TX property insurance claim is a good candidate for our service.
  • Comprehensive insurance policy reviews - In order to provide the best service possible, we need to fully understand the terms, conditions, and limits of your insurance policy. We thoroughly review your insurance policy as part of our public adjusting process.
  • Complete damage documentation - Proving insurance losses is the responsibility of the policyholder, not of the insurance company. It's a big burden to bear, but you don't have to bear it alone. We search for and document all losses including property damage and damage to personal belongings. Everything is photographed and catalogued. We also draw detailed diagrams, take videos, and use sophisticated equipment (such as thermal imaging or smoke detection equipment) to support your claim.
  • Thorough loss assessments - In order to obtain the highest possible settlement, public adjusters must be thorough. We look for every possible loss including damage that is more difficult to detect. We know what to look for thanks to many years of public adjusting and storm damage experience. For example, after a hail storm, we know to look for pitting in brick veneer - a common (and expensive to repair) form of hail damage that many people, including insurance adjusters, never think to look for.
  • Consultations with structural engineers, storm experts, and other experts as needed - Public insurance adjusters have extensive loss estimating experience as well as access to expert resources. If we suspect structural damage, hidden water or smoke damage, or other complex forms of damage, we can bring in experts to help substantiate our suspicions and support our findings.
  • Accurate estimates - We use sophisticated loss estimating software to ensure that our estimates are accurate and the reflect real world costs you will incur.

Our public adjusting experience, attention to detail, advanced equipment, loss estimating software, and access to expert resources combine to ensure the completeness and accuracy of your claim. We work diligently to obtain the highest settlement offer to which you are entitled. 

If you need public adjusting services in Brownsville, South Padre Island, Harlingen, McAllen, Laredo, Rio Grande City, El Paso, Corpus Christie, or any other South Texas community, contact us immediately. We're here to help.